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A small island 12 miles off the North Devon coast, Lundy remains thousands of miles from everywhere. The tiny population is totally dependant on the visitor who seeks peace, respite, and appreciates outstanding natural beauty combined with a deep sense of the otherworld.

I lived and worked there for over 2 years, along with just 20 or so other inhabitants, for the strangest and deepest experience of my life. You can’t live somewhere like Lundy without taking it with you wherever you go. This site is for the Lundy that I know and love, and as such is a purely personal representation of the Island. Those of you who visit, may agree with some or even most of what I see and feel: but it will always be unique to you, your own Lundy Experience.

(note: this is me on one of my guided history walks: I am the intelligent looking one just left of centre facing toward the camera. Nigel Dalby, the shopkeeper has his back to us with a yellow jacket over his shoulder; and Tamara Rowson, the seasonal warden is to his left, with the two tone blue shirt with the number 02.)

For the time that I spent there: thanks to all the islanders who lived , worked and relaxed with me: and thank you for the support that you gave me. To all the visitors I met, thank you for accepting me into your own Lundy.

I would like to particularly mention Paul Roberts, the General Manager of the Island during my time. He was always concerned in the Islanders welfare and I found him a very understanding, patient and supportive friend. Paul had performed both major and minor miracles in promoting Lundy, increasing accessibility, and yet always against his own benchmark of what Lundy is; and in so doing preserving its unique appeal. Paul left in early 2005, a major blow, but leaving the Island in the very capable hands of another lundyphile: Derek Green, who has gone onto see Lundy increase further in its popularity, yet still maintaining that sense of place that is crucial to the Islands success and meaning..

Please note that this site is under constant review and development: many of the pages are huge tasks in their own right, and so progress is ongoing. I have a huge list, for example, of photographs that I still need to take and provide. Please return regularly to catch the updates. I would like to pay especial thanks to Rod Lundy, of Canada for his photographs which have helped enormously, in launching the site.

Last, but certainly not least, can I pay particular thanks to Myrtle Ternstrom: whilst the views and interpretations are very much my own, Myrtle has been kind enough to "proof read" the site and ensure the errors are kept to a minimum!


Peter Robson.


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